When is your optimal creative time?


No two people are the same. Now, that is a tough thing to say given the number of people you meet on a daily basis. You may think, no, I met this guy who is just as big a jerk as this other person I know. Well, much like how people are different, we all have differing points in time that we are the most creative. No two people are the same, think the same thoughts or think on the same wave length. It may only seem that way when you look at it from a distance.

My most optimal creative time happens to be when I am in a relaxed state and I am daydreaming. Nothing provides more creative thinking than when I am relaxed and daydreaming. This can be throughout the day, but it is most optimal during lunch when I am thinking about something completely off topic aside from work.

Creative time is great because you can think of the most mundane things but expand those into a new hobby, new idea, or develop with further research into a financial back-up plan. Whatever you decide to do with the creative juices flowing, it is never a good thing to stop midstream and trash ideas. Write them down and continue to evolve them; because you never know what may come out of these ideas.