Do not be a shoulder shrugger


Have you ever dealt with someone and when you were expecting a response, all they did was shrug their shoulders? Nothing drives me crazier than a shoulder shrugger. They may be thinking, “I do not know”; but their body language is saying to me, “I don’t care”. If you are unsure of the answer, there is nothing wrong with saying you do not know the answer.

Shoulder shrugging is a lazy and disrespectful response when dealing with business matters. Socially, it ia acceptable to be a shoulder shrugger, but be wary of your body language when doing it. It can set people off – like blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face.

Perhaps I am a little touchy about shoulder shruggers but I have dealt with my share of them. Instead of doing it, admit you do not know the answer and discuss how you will find the answer. To me, shoulder shruggers are saying I do not know, I do not care and I am out of here. Do not be a shoulder shrugger.